Hyundai Pressure Washer 135bar 1600W

Sale priceRs.23,500


Product details of Hyundai High Pressure Car Washer-1600 watts-135 bar pressure-Black & Blue
• Rated Power: 1600 Watts
• Max pressure: 135 bar
• Voltage / Frequency: 220V / 50 Hz
• Motor type: Carbon Brush.
• Auto Stop function
• Standard Quick Connect
• Huge Water Savings (80%
• Net weight: 8kg
Hyundai - Korean brand-1600 Watts-135 bar PRESSURE WASHER
ABW-VAN-90- High Pressure Car Washer
This Hyundai High Pressure Washer ABW-VAC-90 is a high level technology machine designed to clean faster and in an effective way with big saving of water.Ideal for Car Washing, AC Service and other household pressure washing & stain removal uses.

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