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Total 13 IN 1 Ratchet screwdriver set TACSD30136Total 13 IN 1 Ratchet screwdriver set TACSD30136
Total Staple gun THT31141
Total Staple gun THT31141
Sale priceRs.1,210
Total Air washing gun 750ml TAT20751
Total Tools bag 16" THT26161Total Tools bag 16" THT26161
Total Tools bag 16" THT26161
Sale priceRs.1,590
Total 6 pcs screwdriver set THTDC250601
Total 15pcs HSS  drill bits set TACSDL51501Total 15pcs HSS  drill bits set TACSDL51501
Total HSS twist drill bits set TACSD0125
Total Hedge shear 580mm 22-7/8" THT1516001
Total 6pcs file set THT91462Total 6pcs file set THT91462
Total 6pcs file set THT91462
Sale priceRs.630
Total Air tire inflating gun TAT11601
Total Infrared thermometer THIT015501Total Infrared thermometer THIT015501
Total Sucker 25kg TSP01251
Total Sucker 25kg TSP01251
Sale priceRs.740
Total Snap-off blade knife 18mm THT511806
Total Wood chisel 22mm X 140mm THT41226
Total Tool bag 24" THT16241
Total Tool bag 24" THT16241
Sale priceRs.4,860
Total 55Pcs Screwdriver Bits Set TACSD30556
Total 47 Pcs T-handle wrench screwdriver set TACSD30476
Total 32Pcs precision screwdriver set TACSD30326Total 32Pcs precision screwdriver set TACSD30326
Total 6Pcs precision screwdriver set THT250PS0601
Total Cable cutter 8" THT11581Total Cable cutter 8" THT11581
Total Pipe wrench 14" THT171146
Total Pipe wrench 14" THT171146
Sale priceRs.1,400
Total Carpenter pliers 8" THT290801Total Carpenter pliers 8" THT290801
Total Long nose pliers 6" THT220606Total Long nose pliers 6" THT220606
Total 10pcs Screwdriver bit TAC16PH233
Total Drill bits and screwdriver bits set TACSD3165
Total High Pressure Hose TGTHPH526Total High Pressure Hose TGTHPH526
Total High pressure washer 1400W 130Bar TGT11316Total High pressure washer 1400W 130Bar TGT11316
Total Brad nail 30mm TAC918301
Total Brad nail 15mm TAC918151
Total HVLP spray gun 550W TT5006-2
Total 15pcs Multi tool blade sets TAKTMT1502
Total Rotary hammer 1800W TH118366
Total Rotary hammer 650W TH306226Total Rotary hammer 650W TH306226
Total Lopper 30" THT1527401Total Lopper 30" THT1527401
Total Lopper 30" THT1527401
Sale priceRs.2,000
Total Hedge shear 580mm 22-7/8" THT1516301Total Hedge shear 580mm 22-7/8" THT1516301
Total Pruning Shear 8" THT15308Total Pruning Shear 8" THT15308
Total Pruning Shear 8" THT15308
Sale priceRs.1,280
Total Digital Multimeter TMT460012Total Digital Multimeter TMT460012
Total Hydraulic floor jack 3Ton THT10832
Total Hydraulic floor jack 2Ton THT10821
Total 1/2 Extension bar 5" THEB12051
Total 1/2 Universal Joint THHUJ1121
Total 8pcs Pocket Hex key THT1061826
Total Adjustable wrench 15" THT1010153Total Adjustable wrench 15" THT1010153
Total 8Pcs ratchet spanner set THT102RK086Total 8Pcs ratchet spanner set THT102RK086
Total 8Pcs double open end spanner set THT102386
Total Half round wood file 200mm THT91686
Total G clamp 6" THT13161
Total G clamp 6" THT13161
Sale priceRs.1,390
Total 142 Pcs combination tools set THKTHP21426Total 142 Pcs combination tools set THKTHP21426
Total 12Pcs 1/2" socket set THT141121Total 12Pcs 1/2" socket set THT141121
Total 12Pcs 1/4 socket set THT14114126Total 12Pcs 1/4 socket set THT14114126

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