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PARD Chisel
PARD Chisel
From Rs.640
PARD Insulated Philips Screw Driver
PARD 1/2" Drive Flank Socket 12Pt
PARD 1/2" Drive Universal Joint
PARD 1/2" Drive Magnetic Spark Plug Socket
PARD 1/2" Drive Spark Plug Socket
PARD Pin Punch
PARD Pin Punch
From Rs.630
PARD Insulated Flat Screw Driver
PARD Impact Screw Driver Set
PARD Wire Stripper Cutter
PARD Mini Hacksaw Frame
PARD 1/2" Drive Hex Socket Bit
PARD Center Punch
PARD Slotted / Flat Screw Driver
PARD Philips Screw Driver
PARD Hammer Screw Driver Set
PARD 1/2" Drive Extension Rod
PARD 1/2" Drive Star Socket Bit
Pard 3/4 Drive L- Handle
PARD Screw Driver Probe Voltage Tester
PARD Wire Stripper Cutter / Terminal Plier
PARD Rivet Plier
PARD 3/4" Drive Flank Socket
PARD 1/2" Drive Swivel Handle
PARD 1/2" Drive L-Handle
PARD VDE Insulated Combination Plier(1000V)
PARD VDE Insulated Long Nose Plier(1000V)
PARD VDE Insulated Diagonal Plier(1000V)
PARD Terminal Plier (Red, Green, Yellow)
PARD Terminal PlierPARD Terminal Plier
PARD Heavy Duty Rivet Plier
PARD Telescopic Tubing Cutter
PARD Mini Tubing Cutter
PARD Double Flaring and Cutting Tool Set
PARD Hacksaw Frame
PARD Rubber Hammer
PARD Mini Screw Driver Set
PARD Hole Punch
PARD Hole Punch
PARD 3/4" Drive Extension Rod
PARD 3/4" Drive Ratchet Handle
PARD  Socket Set 1/4" & 1/2" DrivePARD  Socket Set 1/4" & 1/2" Drive
PARD 1/2" Drive Star Socket Set
PARD 1/2" Drive Adaptor
PARD 1/2" Drive Sliding T-HandlePARD 1/2" Drive Sliding T-Handle
PARD 1/2" Drive Speed Brace Handle
PARD 1/2" Drive Ratchet Handle
PARD 1/2" Drive Flexible Ratchet HandlePARD 1/2" Drive Flexible Ratchet Handle
PARD 1/2" Drive Deep Flank SocketPARD 1/2" Drive Deep Flank Socket

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