Harden 12pcs Tap and Die Set 12pcs

Sale priceRs.5,400


12pcs Tap and Die Set
*Manufactured from high quality C45 carbon steel,
*Suitable for cleaning and cutting threads in Mild Steel, Aluminium and Brass
The set include the following:
*5Pcs metric tap 6Ì΀�̥Ì΀äÌÝÌá1.0, 7Ì΀�̥Ì΀äÌÝÌá1.0, 8Ì΀�̥Ì΀äÌÝÌá1.25 , 10Ì΀�̥Ì΀äÌÝÌá1.5, 12Ì΀�̥Ì΀äÌÝÌá1.75
*5Pcs Metric Die Size same as Tap
*1Pc Tap Holder
*1Pc Die Holder

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