Glo-Flo Quat Control – Daily Mopping (Apple)

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Product Description:
Quat Control is a highly active and potent germ, virus and bacteria killer. It is water
soluble and even eective in hard water. Quat Control is potent as a broad spectrum
disinfectant, fungicide, deodorizer, hard surface cleaner and non food contact
sanitizer. Available in multiple fragrances which create a pleasant environment after

Direction for use:
For regular cleaning dilute 50 ml in 5 Litres of water, whereas for tough cleaning,
dilute 50 ml in 3 Litres water.
Quat Control is recommended for sanitation in Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Food &
Beverage Industry, Schools, Hotels, Laboratories, Nursing Homes, Residential and
any other public place.


  • Neutral pH-safe for all surfaces.
  • Added disinfectant, fungicide, deodorizer & sanitizer for hygiene purpose.
  • Available in 3 different fragrances.


  • Remove loose debris.
  • Regular cleaning: 50 ml in 5 ltrs of water
  • Tough cleaning: 50 ml in 3 ltrs of water.


Available in 500 ml.

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