Copper Anti Seize 40ML

Sale priceRs.1,880


Product based on dispersed copper micro particles on a high quality grease matrix, designed to perfectly protect and lubricate components and mechanical movements subject to heavy stress, high temperatures and pressures. It lubricates and protects reducing friction and overheating. Ideal for lubrication of pins, bolts, joints, flanges, valves, ejectors, leaf springs, etcÌÎÌã̴å¢í¢‰ۡÌÝ_̴ÌâÌÎ̴̢_ It is resistant from ÌÎÌã̴å¢í¢‰ۡÌÝ_̴Ìâí¢‰̢ۡå�ÌÕ 20Ì΀äÌÝ_ÌÎ̴̢åÁc to up to + 600Ì΀äÌÝ_ÌÎ̴̢åÁc (+1100Ì΀äÌÝ_ÌÎ̴̢åÁc dry residue).

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