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Acrylic paint BOSNY is intended for high-quality coloring surfaces made of wood, metal and plastic. Ideal for painting cars, motorcycles, a variety of equipment , appliances , furniture and other things .
It has the widest palette of colors and shapes. The paint does not
get yellow or fade, it is weatherproof . Acrylics can be used for complete dyeing , and for coloring .
 However, the storage and use must comply with simple rules of safety. First, you should keep a can of paint from direct sunlight and second, it's not allowed to spray it heated up more than 50 degrees Celsius. Aerosol spray near an open flame is dangerous. The used spray can should not be thrown into fire to avoid explosion.
Acrylic paint can be used only if the indoor ventilation is arranged because it is toxic. For the same reason it would be nice to store cans of paint out of the reach of children.
Typically, metallic paints are sold in standard cans of 400 ml , which is 300 grams in weight . You can purchase acrylic paint BOSNY packed in boxes . Note that the shelf life of the paint - about five years

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