Bosch Drill Stand, Working 455mm, GCR180 (STAND) Professional

Sale priceRs.390,200


Technical data
Additional data
Column length* 767ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Drill stroke* 514ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Weight* 9.5ÌÎ̴̢Ì_kg
Drilling diameter 180ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Working length, Z-axis 455ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Securing, type boltedÌÎ̴̢Ì_

* Highlighted Data

Suitable for GDB 180 WE diamond drill

  • Diamond drill is quickly mounted
  • Robust construction for precise drilling
  • Easy adjustment of the work angle

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