Bosch Rotating Wall Mount, RM 1

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Magnetic Rotating Mount

The Bosch RM 1 magnetic rotating mount features a 360ÌÎÌ_í¢í«̴́ rotating mount that rotates to position the vertical line, while keeping the unit centered on the plumb line. This unit has strong magnets for quick positioning to metal surfaces, and the slide-in attach mechanism provides easy and quick attachment of Bosch lasers with compatible slide housing. It is compatible with the optional BM3 ceiling clip attachment for quick setup in ceiling-grid applications. The RM 1 is ideal for Bosch GCL 2-160 and GCL 2-55, because the RM 1 positions the vertical line and keeps the unit centered on plumb points. It also works with Bosch models GLL 100 G, GLL 100 GX, GLL 50 and GLL 55. It also has a fastening slot for screwing the mount into position when no metal surfaces exist.

Technical data

Material Composite
Works With Combination/Point Alignment Lasers
GCL 2-160
Line Lasers
GLL 55, GLL 100 G
Includes (1) RM 1 Magnetic Rotating Mount

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