Bosch Leaf Vacuum Blower, 3000W, ALS 30

Sale priceRs.52,390


The only problem youÌ_墉ۡóÁí¢̴Ì_í£̴å¢ll have is running out of leaves!
  • Effortlessly safe handling: ergonomically shaped handles for better weight distribution and more comfort.
  • Longer working: 10:1 shredding means fewer trips to the compost heap.
  • Easy-to-handle collection bag: easy to fit, easy to empty, made of special moisture-repellent textile material.
  • Powerful performance. Motor power, blower flow rate of 800 mÌÎÌ_í¢í«_/h
  • Lightweight. 3.2 kg (blowing function) and 4.4 kg (vacuuming function) for effortless collection of garden foliage
Technical specifications
Motor power: 3.000 W
Variable airflow speed: 280 - 300 km/h
Volume flow rate: 800 l/s
Weight (leaf blower): 3.2 kg
Weight (garden vac): 4.4 kg
Collection bag: 45 l
Reduction of leaf quantity: 10:1

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