Bosch Hedge Trimmer, 700mm, 700W, AHS 70-34

Sale priceRs.104,780


Powerful performance with expert handling for trimming large hedges
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with long reach for enhanced comfort
  • High-powered 700 W motor for maximum cutting performance
  • Blade length of 700 mm with 34-mm tooth opening and sawing function for clean cuts
  • Perfect for trimming large hedges and stubborn branches effortlessly
  • Transparent hand guard and blade tip protector for safe trimming
Technical specifications
Motor power: 700 W
Blade length: 70 cm
Tooth opening: 34 mm
Slipping clutch torque: 50 Nm
No-load stroke rate: 3.400 spm
Weight: 3.9 kg

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