Bosch Grass Trimmer, 280W, ART 26 SL

Sale priceRs.24,260


Technical specifications
Motor power: 280 W
Cutting diameter (line): 26 cm
Cutting system: Line spool
Cutting speed: 12.500 rpm
Spool: 1.6 mm x 4 m
Weight: 1,8 kg
Easy-to-operate, powerful trimmer.
  • Ì_墉ۡóÁí¢̴•À_ÌÎ̥Semi-Auto FeedÌ_墉ۡóÁí¢ÌÎ̢í«‰ۢÌÛ_ System: automatically releases the trimmer line when the tool is switched on to ensure that you always have the optimum line length.
  • Good cut quality: 280 W and 12,500 rpm allow for quick, clean lawn cutting.
  • Easy operation: lightweight motor and balanced weight distribution ensure good handling.

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