Bosch Wall Scanner/Detector, St. 150mm, Cu. 150mm, D-TECT150SV Professional

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Technical data
Additional data
Bosch Radar Technology* yesÌÎ̴̢Ì_
Max. detection depth* 150ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Detectable objects* magnetic metals (e.g. iron), non-magnetic metals (e.g. copper), live cables, non-live cables, plastic pipes, wooden substructuresÌÎ̴̢Ì_
Detection depth, magnetic metal, max. 150ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Detection depth, non-magnetic metal, max. 150ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Detection depth, live cables, max. 60ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Detection depth, wooden substructures, max. 40ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Accuracy ÌÎ̴̢å± 5ÌÎ̴̢Ì_mm
Views Object view, Signal ViewÌÎ̴̢Ì_
Wall types Universal, Early age concrete, Concrete, Panel Heating, DrywallÌÎ̴̢Ì_
Dust and splash protection IP 54ÌÎ̴̢Ì_
Material identification Live cable, MetalÌÎ̴̢Ì_
Power supply 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA), 4 x 1.2 V HR06 (AA)ÌÎ̴̢Ì_
Automatic deactivation, approx. 5 minutesÌÎ̴̢Ì_
Weight, approx. 0.65ÌÎ̴̢Ì_kg
Additional function Signal view, reliable measurements in damp concreteÌÎ̴̢Ì_

* Highlighted Data

The specialist for finding objects in difficult conditions

  • Unique: More reliable detection of objects in damp concrete
  • Millimetre-accurate detection of ferrous/non-ferrous metals, live cables, wooden studs and plastic pipes
  • Digital display of material properties

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