Bosch Hand-Held Circular Saw, 235mm, 2100W GKS235 Professional

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Technical data
Additional data
Rated input power* 2,100ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_W
Saw blade diameter* 235ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm
No-load speed 5,000ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_rpm
Weight 7.6ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_kg
Saw blade bore diameter 25ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm
Cutting depth
Max. cutting capacity in wood (90ÌÎÌ_í¢í«̴́)* 85ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm
Max. cutting capacity in wood (45ÌÎÌ_í¢í«̴́) 65ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm

* Highlighted Data

The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level dB(A); Sound power level dB(A). Uncertainty K= dB.

The leading model of high-performance circular saw, with the most powerful motor in its class

  • Two sights for increased cutting precision
  • Base can be tilted up to 48ÌÎÌ_í¢í«̴́; sturdy, steel base plate with dual attachment.
  • Optimised chip removal system

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