Bosch Chain Saw, 400mm, 1900W, AKE40-19S

Sale priceRs.61,400


From Bosch, this powerful Electric Chainsaw features a high performance 1900W motor & a rapid chainspeed of 12m/s, for rapid, clean cutting through branches, trunks & logs. A chrome chain is fitted with durable steel tines, providing a secure grip while you saw for optimal user control. Handling is also improved by the AKE 40-19 S's compact & easily graspable design, fitted with comfortable ergonomic handles. As well as being easy to control, the chainsaw is easy to use safely. A rapid reaction kick-back brake activates in under 0.1 seconds, & a robust steel chain safety catch bolt & fast acting run-down brake also effectively safeguard against harm. Convenient additional features keep maintenance problem free; including automatic oil lubrication & tool free chain assembly & tensioning with Bosch's SDS fitting system.

í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Motor Power: 1900w
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Blade Length: 400mm
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Chain Speed: 12 m/sec
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Thickness of chain links: 1.1 mm
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Chain: Chrome chain
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Weight: 4.5kg

Features & Benefits
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Powerful 1900w motor
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Bosch SDS for tool-free chain assembly and tensioning
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ High chain speed (12 m/s) for optimum cutting performance
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Rapid-reaction kick-back brake (Quickstop 0.1 sec)
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Steel chain safety catch bolt
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Ergonomic handle for both sawing and felling
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Run-down brake (<1 sec)
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ 7 steel gripping teeth for a firm grip
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Automatic oil lubrication with oil-level indicator
í¢‰̢ۡÌâ̴å¢ Large oil reservoir (200ml) with filter

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