Bosch Double-Wheeled Bench Grinder, 200mm, 600W, GBG60-20 Professional

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Technical data
Additional data
Grinding wheel diameter* 200ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm
Rated input power* 600ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_W
Grinding wheel widths* 25ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm
No-load speed 3,600ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_rpm
Grinding wheel bore 32ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm
Grit 24, 60ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_
Weight 15ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_kg
Tool dimensions (width) 230ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm
Tool dimensions (length) 370ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm
Tool dimensions (height) 260ÌÎÌ_í¢í«ÌÎ_mm

* Highlighted Data

The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level dB(A); Sound power level dB(A). Uncertainty K= dB.

The powerful and sturdy tool for toughest applications

  • Powerful induction motor for various working conditions and usages
  • Compact die-cast housing with encapsulated ball bearings to keep the motor free of dust
  • Robust and solid base for longevity and stable working condition

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