Bosch Angle Measurer, 40cm, GAM220MF Professional

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Technical data

Additional data
Measurement range* 0 – 220° 
Arm length* 40 cm
Measurement accuracy, angles* ± 0.1° 
Measurement accuracy, vials ± 0.05° 
Accuracy of angle calculation ± 0.1° 
Power supply 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA) 
Battery power, approx. 80 h
Automatic deactivation, approx. 30 min
Weight, approx. 1.2 kg

* Highlighted Data

Fast calculation of mitre angles

  • Rapid calculation and transfer of angles by means of memory function for frequently used angle dimensions
  • Automatic calculation of single and double mitre angles without any other tools

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