Thermos JMF-500 S (R)

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Thermos JMF-500 S (R)

Product Description

A perfect solution for all tea/coffee lovers – the JMF-500S Mug with Handle! Having your beverages gets cold too quickly can really be a bummer. This Mug with Handle keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours, so that you can enjoy it the way you like it.

Features :

-Wide opening for easy filling and cleaning

-Sturdy base to prevent accidental knocks

-Keep your beverages hot/cold for at least 6 hours and above

-Stylish and chic design

Specifications :

  • -Capacity: 0.47L
  • -Heat insulation (6 hours): 53°C & above
  • -Cold insulation (6 hours): 12°C & below
  • -Dimensions Width × Depth × Height (approx. cm): 11.5 X 9.0 X 17.0
  • -Weight (approx): 400g

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