Thermos FHO-801 WF NV-H

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Thermos FHO-801 WF NV-H

  • Size (approx.): When using a paper core / width 8.5 × depth 10 × height 24 cm, when using a cap unit // width 8.5 × depth 8.5 × height 24.5 cm *Pouch not included
  • Material/Material: Inner bottle/stainless steel, body/stainless steel (acrylic resin coating), cup/core/polypropylene, lid/cap body/polypropylene, packing (center/cap unit), cap packing, seal packing/ Silicone, Pouch/Polyester (Inner/Outer Fabric), Foam Polyethylene (Cushion)
  • Country of origin: Malaysia
  • Caliber/approx.4.4 cm
  • Capacity: 800 ml when using a paper bottle, 830 ml when using a cap unit
  • Heat retention effect (6 hours): 72 degrees or more (when using a paper core * Heat retention is possible only for cup type)
  • Cooling effect (6 hours): When using cap unit / 9 degrees or less


THERMOS FHO-801 WF NV-H is a perfect water bottle for school-going kids. Its beautiful design and style actually motivate kids to enjoy drinking water. The bottle comes with a pouch and a strap, to make it easy to carry for kids. The size of the bottle is suitable to grasp for little hands. The amazingly designed bottle comes with the bonus feature of changing the screw lid and can be converted to push open lid whenever needed.

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